Why do pistachios cost more than peanuts?

But the reasons why pistachios are so expensive may surprise you. This is much less about the demand for bright green nuts and even more so about the intense and difficult labor required to grow and harvest them. Getting pistachios to take root and thrive requires a very particular climate and a lot of time. Whether you're a fan of pistachios or not, if you've ever bought them, you've probably wondered what the price is.

Pistachios have a higher price than nuts such as almonds or peanuts. Not only is there one good reason for that, but several. The first reason pistachios are among the most expensive nuts is that they require special weather conditions to grow. Both are crazy, but we pay very different prices for each one.

The pistachio supplier will most likely tell you that pistachios are in much greater demand than supply compared to peanuts and you could even mention that a pistachio can only be grown in 3 regions of the world. This would be followed by the fact that each tree can take 15 to 20 years to grow until it reaches a maturity that can provide a harvest and that will only give you a full harvest every two years. The person would probably even tell you that pistachios have to be sorted by hand to eliminate those that cannot be consumed because there is no automated process available to do so. WebMD states that pistachio may come from western Asia and that humans may have started enjoying pistachios as early as 7,000 BC.

C. Growing and cultivating pistachios is a very challenging endeavor that makes it difficult to meet the high demand for pistachios, and that is why the price is so high that it places them among the most expensive nuts. In addition, it takes a while for female pistachios to gather enough nutrition to produce a crop, so we can only expect pistachios to reach their peak production point every two years. If it makes you sad to know why those pistachios cost so much and why shelled pistachios are so expensive, you can always opt for unshelled pistachios.

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