Why are pistachios so popular?

Pistachios are one of the healthiest and perhaps tastiest nuts in the world. Its distinctive green fruits appear in all types of dishes, from salads to main courses and desserts. Pistachio has a distinctive, sweet and oily flavor that is excellent as a flavoring agent for candies, sauces, pastries and ice cream. During the 1880s, imported pistachios were popular in the United States, especially among immigrants from the Middle East.

Pistachio was further distributed through vending machines installed in underground train stations, bars, restaurants and other common places. Although it is a seed, many people place pistachio in the category of nuts. Pistachios have gained popularity as people have become more creative about ways to use pistachio. In Syria, pistachios are an important ingredient in wedding parties and, after a social call, guests who leave usually receive a small bag of pistachios as a gesture of good will.

Most shelled pistachios end up being used for cooking and for making products such as pistachio ice cream. In Persia (present-day Iran), the pistachio trade and ownership of pistachio fields meant wealth and high status. The queen of Sheba was especially fond of pistachios and is said to have monopolized Assyria's limited pistachio production for herself and her court favorites. Starting a pistachio business from scratch will be nearly impossible due to the long wait for pistachios to start producing.

Many farmers are taking advantage of this facet of the business and are making sure to sell smaller or less usable pistachios to these companies that use pistachio as an ingredient. California found pistachio in 1854 when Charles Mason, a distributor of seeds for experimental plantations, brought pistachio to this country. You'll quickly learn that many of the reasons pistachios are so expensive are going to be related to the way pistachios grow. Pistachios will have some fat and carbohydrates, but the fiber in a serving of pistachios is about the same as that of a cup of broccoli.

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