Why are pistachios and cashews so expensive?

Conclusion However, the cultivation and harvesting of these nuts is a very special, slow and laborious process, so their price is a bit high. But, after knowing how difficult it is to produce them, the price is fully justified. According to The Cold Wire, pistachios are also expensive because of the costs associated with growing them. In addition to the obvious needs (such as enough water and fertile land in the right climate for trees to grow), pistachios require a great deal of labor to harvest them.

Of course, labor is also a costly expense for pistachio producers. This is also partly due to the need to sort pistachios by hand so that each nut can get the most out of it. Since nuts produce only a small yield, that means that the supply is extremely low. Since the demand for nuts is high, the low supply causes their prices to rise.

Nuts are expensive because they don't produce high yields like other crops. Why are pistachios so expensive? Because it takes a lot of pistachios to make a single bag, they're expensive. It takes about 12,000 raw pistachios to create 1 pound of shelled walnuts. Frequently asked questions about how to feed pistachios to your dog While pistachios are not toxic to dogs and are highly unlikely to be fatal if eaten, it's best to prevent your dog from eating them.

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