What is the market price for pistachios?

Market prices for American pistachios have varied over the years. The price received for American pistachios is at a current level of 2.52, compared to 2.51 a year ago. This represents a change of 0.40% compared to a year ago. The increase in demand for pistachios will be driven mainly by global population growth.

During the pandemic, retail sales of pistachios have declined due to a fall in real incomes, as people rejected expensive, non-essential foods. This broader trend is the main factor hindering market growth. As quarantine measures are gradually lifted, the HoReCa segment will begin to recover, boosting demand in the B2B sector and expanding the pistachio market. China (46,000 tons), Germany (25,000 tons) and Belgium (22,000 tons) were the main destinations for U.S.

pistachio exports. UU. These countries were followed by the Hong Kong SAR, Spain, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Israel, which together accounted for another 33%. Since many sales will be made in China between now and the new harvest due to the beginning of the Chinese New Year, sellers will not want to open at a lower price than the contracts concluded recently.

We expect the market to remain firm at least until early July, when the next round of crop control will take place in California after the nut filling. This will allow exports to expand, mainly to the EU and China, and maintain stable prices in the domestic market. It will strengthen its position in the global market, as its closest competitor, Iran, faces a lower yield that will cause it to exhaust its pistachio reserves. The EU and China are expected to be the main markets for US pistachios, despite shady trade relations with the latter.

The pistachio market remains strong, driven by continued strong demand from export markets and limited sales support. The platform provides data on the consumption, production, trade and prices of more than 10,000 different products in 200 countries. In it, you will discover the most recent data on market trends and opportunities by country, the evolution of consumption, production and prices, as well as world trade (imports and exports).

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