What happens if you eat too much pistachios?

Eating pistachios in excess can cause high blood pressure. In addition, you may experience lightheadedness, blurred vision, confusion, and fainting. In addition, the consumption of salted pistachios could raise the level of sodium in the blood, increasing the likelihood of developing various cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension. Digestion problems are a common side effect of eating too many pistachios.

Pistachios have a high calorific value. This means that they produce a lot of heat after being metabolized in the body. For this reason, eating too many pistachios in one serving can cause bloating and digestion problems. You should also be careful if you have fructan intolerance.

Since pistachios contain fructans, eating too many can cause bloating, nausea, or abdominal pain. Pistachios are a very nutritious food. They offer several health benefits, especially for the heart, intestines, and waist. Researchers found that a group of overweight or obese people who ate a serving of pistachios every day had a lower body mass index and waist circumference than those who didn't eat pistachios.

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