Is pistachios cheap in turkey?

The price in Turkish liras is 132 TRY, 63 per kg. Turkish pistachios are considered one of Turkey's precious minerals and are no different from gold in the income they return to Turkey. However, the price correction can help Turkish pistachios to be accepted in markets, especially in ingredient markets. In this situation of inflated prices, the most affected are peanut producers, baklava producers and others who sell pistachios as a final product, he added.

And it is mentioned that there are monopolistic practices that cause high prices, since store owners buy nuts from farmers at the price of a cheap pistachio in Istanbul and then prevent them from entering the market and raising their prices. However, to improve the export of pistachios in the following years, they plan to peel them before drying them to make them look fresher. Turkish pistachio producers extract their pistachios with shells to preserve quality and prolong their shelf life. Turkey is famous for the presence of many picturesque shops and markets that are famous for selling all products, and it is known that Turkey is famous for its sweets that are not exempt from nuts, especially biscuits, which is why it is considered one of the largest countries in the world that exports pistachios.

However, Turkish pistachios differ from others by the color of the shell, which is darker than other pistachios. If pistachios were peeled right after harvest, the color of the shell wouldn't be dark and would look better. It specializes in the sale of all kinds of nuts, spices, milk and pistachios, since it is located to the right of the entrance of the covered market and is visited by many famous people to buy Lokum, where it sells various types of delicacies that you may not find in other stores, such as lokum stuffed with nuts and throat with apple flavor and another type with a pomegranate and honey flavor. It contains the most delicious types of nuts, nuts such as raw pistachios, milk in bulk and all kinds of lokum, such as lokum with pomegranate, nuts and throat covered with sugar, coconut and other types of purity, and you can find it in the Egyptian market at affordable prices.

Mawardi kernels are among the most popular pistachios on the Turkish market and come roasted or salted. Nuts are one of the best types of foods that provide strength, energy and concentration to the body, especially pistachios, especially after knowing the price of pistachio in Turkey, since they stimulate memory and improve liver function, and Turkey is famous for growing many different types of nuts. Fresh and delicious pistachios are chosen for Turkish ground pistachios, especially fresh for those who want to use the most delicious types of pistachios. According to this description, Siirt pistachios are considered top quality because there are 75 nuts in 100 grams.

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