Is pistachio cheap in turkey?

The price in Turkish liras is 132 TRY, 63 per kg. About 56 Turkish provinces produce pistachios. However, only five popular provinces are the main suppliers of Turkish pistachios. These include Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Adiyaman, Kahramanmaras and Siirt.

According to this description, Siirt pistachios are considered top quality because there are 75 nuts in 100 grams. The flavor and flavor of Turkish pistachio come from the genotype and from the favorable Mediterranean climate. Together with Gaziantep, they are responsible for more than half of the pistachio produced in the country. However, Turkish pistachios differ from others by the color of the shell, which is darker than other pistachios.

Pistachio is mainly consumed as an appetizer (50%) or in confectionery products, such as baklava or chocolate products. However, the price correction can help Turkish pistachios to be accepted in markets, especially in ingredient markets. Baklava, whose origin is disputed between Turkey and Greece, is prepared with fresh pistachios or walnuts and a shimmering honey glaze on the puffed dough. Mawardi kernels are among the most popular pistachios on the Turkish market and come roasted or salted.

Kirmizi and Uzun are the most cultivated cultivars in Gaziantep, Turkey, and they produce most of the pistachio. In this situation of inflated prices, the most affected are peanut producers, baklava producers and others who sell pistachios as a final product, he added. Baklava producers recently decided to boycott several wholesalers, some of whom raised the price of pistachio to 201 liras per kilogram. However, to improve the export of pistachios in the following years, they plan to peel them before drying them to make them look fresher.

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