How much is a ton of pistachios?

The increase in demand for pistachios will be driven mainly by global population growth. During the pandemic, retail sales of pistachios have declined due to a fall in real incomes, as people rejected expensive, non-essential foods. This broader trend is the main factor hindering market growth. As quarantine measures are gradually lifted, the HoReCa segment will begin to recover, boosting demand in the B2B sector and expanding the pistachio market.

China (46,000 tons), Germany (25,000 tons) and Belgium (22,000 tons) were the main destinations for U.S. pistachio exports. UU. These countries were followed by the Hong Kong SAR, Spain, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Israel, which together accounted for another 33%.

The price received for American pistachios is at a current level of 2.52, compared to 2.51 a year ago. This represents a change of 0.40% compared to a year ago. QSSP produces fresh and healthy baked nuts, pistachios, snacks, dried fruits, nuts. The USDA forecasts that production will increase from 352,000 to 454,000 tons of nuts with shells, which is equivalent to 230,000 tons of products without shells.


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