How much does pistachio cost?

The price in euros is 8.09 euros per kg. Most of the pistachios found on the market are “smiling nuts”. Their hard shells are naturally open at one end, almost like a smile. However, there are other forms of pistachios on the market, such as closed-mouthed pistachios and “pistachio kernels”.

We sometimes call pistachio kernels “shelled pistachios”. Figure 1 compares shelled pistachios with those without shells, as well as those derived from shelled pistachio. As for the price, pistachios in shells seem more affordable. However, since they do not undergo the peeling process, it is normal that they are less expensive than unshelled pistachios.

Part of the cost of shelled pistachio is spent on peeling. Comparing the weight of shelled pistachios with shell pistachios shows that you actually pay less with unshelled pistachios. However, many people like pistachios more as ingredients in their dishes and desserts than as snacks. Peeled pistachios seem like an extravagance reserved for investment bankers and derivatives traders.

Sometimes, you can find empty shells in the shell of pistachios, meaning that the shell weighs more than the kernels. The farm consists of 100 acres of land, of which 95 acres are planted with pistachios, and five acres are occupied by roads, irrigation systems, easements and farms. If you like to eat pistachio ingredients in your meals, desserts or ice cream, buying pistachios without shells can save you a lot of preparation time. The two cups of shelled pistachios in the eight-ounce bag turned out to be exactly one cup of ready-to-eat nuts.

You can also order raw pistachios and roast them at home, but the result may not be the same as when a professional chef does it. Therefore, we can't really compare the costs of shelled and unshelled pistachios without considering the indirect cost of manual shelling time associated with the former. Naturally open pistachio kernels are significantly larger because they grow to the size of the shell. And the grain or nut (part of the pistachio you eat) represents between 48 and 50 percent of that weight.

Argires Snacks in bulk pistachios are the most delicious pistachios you'll ever try thanks to their freshness. My materials were an eight-ounce bag of pistachios with shell and a six-ounce bag of the unshelled variety, purchased at my local supermarket. For example, every 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of shelled pistachios produce 48 to 50 grams of pistachio kernels.

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