How much do pistachios cost per pound?

Buy our variety of California-grown pistachios, in shell or without shell, sold in bulk, by the pound. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of each business day (Monday through Friday). This makes bulk pistachios from Argires Snacks the perfect choice for anyone who controls their weight and is trying to lose weight. Of all the nuts supplied by Argires Snacks, pistachios are the only nuts associated with reduced blood sugar.

Place your order for pistachios today and find out why you won't want to run out of this delicious nut again. The farm consists of 100 acres of land, of which 95 acres are planted with pistachios, and five acres are occupied by roads, irrigation systems, easements and farms. Argires Snacks in bulk pistachios are the most delicious pistachios you'll ever try thanks to their freshness.

Verna Krulish
Verna Krulish

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