Can eating a lot of pistachios hurt you?

Excessive consumption of pistachios can also cause nausea, weakness, slow pulse, and irregular heartbeats. Most of the pistachios we eat are roasted, meaning they have a high level of salt. Excessive sodium consumption increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Pistachios are also relatively high in fat.

If you eat them in excessive amounts, pistachios can cause weight gain. However, you shouldn't have problems when you enjoy them in moderation. Eat small amounts of raw, unsalted pistachios and you'll add many health benefits to your diet. The consumption of large quantities of pistachios can cause adverse effects such as stomach upset, indigestion or diarrhea.

In some cases, eating too many pistachios is also known to cause headaches and dizziness. While most people can eat pistachios without experiencing any adverse effects, it's important to know the potential risks associated with eating large amounts of this nut. If you experience any negative side effects after eating pistachios, be sure to stop eating and consult a health professional if necessary. Risk of pistachios A cup of dried roasted pistachios with salt contains 526 milligrams of sodium.

Too much sodium can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. If you have fructan intolerance, a bad reaction to a type of pistachios with carbohydrates could upset your belly. Risk of pistachios If you have fructan intolerance, a bad reaction to one type of carbohydrate, pistachios may upset your belly. The amount of Na in natural pistachios is approximately zero to two mg of sodium per ounce of pistachios.

Pistachios are usually contaminated by aflatoxins, a carcinogen produced by the fungus of the flora of the genus flavus, since pistachios are giant and are kept in humid and hot environments. Preparing pistachios will minimize the danger of aflatoxins because the practice significantly reduces the amount of aflatoxins in pistachios. An exporter of pistachios should not sell unnatural pistachios because they cause solid high blood pressure and kill someone.

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